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Our Services

MARBL offers a wide variety of services based upon the individual needs of your clients.  All of our recruiting services include the following features:

  • Development of a position and company profile
  • Development of an interview/pre-screening format
  • Development of a research/recruiting strategy (when applicable)
  • Candidate profile on all applicants submitted
  • Pre-screening of all candidates before client interview
  • Reference checks and educational verification (upon mutual interest or request)
  • Job offer development and negotiation assistance
  • Relocation assistance
  • Spousal job hunting assistance (if applicable)
  • Follow up with candidate after starting

Personnel Extension/Consulting Service

Due to special staffing needs in larger companies or operating as the Human Resources Department in smaller companies, MARBL will assist in the writing and placement of ads, telephone screen respondents, present and reference candidates.  The fee is 20% of first year total gross compensation with a 30-day guarantee.

Contingency Search

MARBL will directly recruit and screen candidates for your specific position.  Depending on location, candidates may be personally interviewed or evaluated with prior expense approval.  In exchange for exclusive rights to the search, we will reduce the fee to 25% of first year total gross compensation with a full 60-day guarantee.  In lieu of exclusiveness, the fee will be 30% with a prorated 60-day guarantee.

If you have considered retained search and are uncertain that is the right vehicle, you may wish to consider this service with the exclusive option as it allows for more client control and no up front fees are required.

Modified Search

There may be times that your needs go beyond the contingency search services, for example:

  • Analysis of the industry to determine if such skills and experiences are available
  • A salary of all contacted candidates to adjust the demands of the marketplace
  • Comparison of external vs. internal candidates

MARBL can provide you with the information you need but limit your risk should no hire take place.  You pay a modest non-refundable fee on the front end and the remainder is due contingent only upon a successful hire.
The modified search is also very good if you anticipate multiple hires.

The fee and guarantee will be dependent upon each individual situation.  In no case shall the fee exceed 30% of first year total gross compensation.

Retained Search

Occasionally, you may be faced with a position of a critical nature, which requires a fulltime expert consultant to handle all facets of finding and evaluating the candidates and negotiating the hiring package.  This service includes written updates, summaries or other justifications for upper management or owners.  MARBL also provides a transitioning service between the candidate and his/her staff.  The fee for this service is 33-1/3% of first year total gross compensation, plus all reasonable expenses incurred.  The guarantee is for 180 days.

In all exclusive or retained projects, MARBL will not present candidates recruited for your positions to any other employment opportunities until such a time as your company releases them from further consideration.